throttle body boring service


Make sure to include ALL the parts that make the TB open and close.

I need to make sure your TB fully works before mailing it back to you.

Please protect your TB for shipping, do not just drop it in a box.

These pictures give you an idea of how to package your TB to avoid damages in shipping.

I recommend against using bubble wrap. TBs tend to pop the bubbles in the pastic and TBs arrive with damaged parts.

If the TB moves inside the box, it may arrive damaged.

Include a piece of paper with the following:

Otherwise packages will ship to your confirmed Paypal street address.

DO NOT use email as a work around.

I do not check emails to ship packages. It either goes to your address you included in the box or Paypal's street address.



1742 S. Woodland Blvd.


Deland, FL 32720

It would be a good idea to take a picture of the box with the shipping label in case there is an issue with the package. Tracking # does not always tell you exactly where it was shipped.

Email me if you have questions not answered here.

I want to thank the customers who read and follow these instructions, it is much appreciated. You guys make it possible for me to run this one man operation efficiently and to be able to ship TBs back on time.

Thank you!